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Pre Authorisation Requirements

Pre-authorisation requirements

All members must receive pre-authorization prior to undergoing certain non-emergency procedures/treatments listed below:

  • In-patient and Daycare treatment
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Compassionate emergency visit
  • Mortal remains

Pre-authorization approval does not guarantee payment of a claim in full, as additional co-payments and out of pocket expenses may apply.

Pre-authorization ensures that prior to incurring liability for medical treatment, surgeries and other procedures, the member is covered by the policy and will be reimbursed up to the applicable limit shown on the Table of Benefits

In the event of an emergency, when you have to be at the hospital for immediate treatment, please engage the hospital staff to contact us directly on the admission date.

For Pre-authorization, please contact:

Assistance Service Center at: 001 800 442 221 (24hr hotline)

From the rest of the World: call collect or direct on +44(0) 1252 351 200

Local Bangkok Office: +66 (2) 662 8296 or email [email protected] if you require any further assistance.